Contact Denver Health Medicaid Choice

Important Phone Numbers

To find out more about benefits, file a grievance or appeal, or if you have a question, but don’t know who to ask:

Member Services                                       303-602-2116
TTY/TDD                                                   303-602-2129
Toll Free                                                    800-700-8140
TTY/TDD Toll Free                                    866-538-5288


To make an appointment:

Appointment Line                                       303-436-4949

To talk to a case manager or health coach:

Care Support Services                               303-602-2080

To Check the status of your service authorization request:

Medical Management                                 303-602-2140
Pharmacy Authorizations                            303-602-2070


To get information on DHMC Providers:

Medical Staff Office                                   303-602-2715

To Refill your prescriptions at Denver Health pharmacy:

Prescription Refill Line                               866-347-3345

To ask enrollment/disenrollment questions:

HealthColorado                                         303-839-2120
Outside Metro Denver                               888-367-6557
Nurse Advice Line                                     303-739-1261


To get help filing a grievance:

DHMC Member Services                          303-602-2116
Medicaid Ombudsman                             303-830-3560
Toll Free                                                  877-435-7123
TTY/TDD Toll Free                                  888-876-8864

To get information on state fair hearings:

Office of Administrative Courts                 303-866-2000

To get information about a provider:

CO State Board of Medical Examiners     303-894-7434

To get information about a nurse:

CO State Board of Nursing                      303-894-7888


State of Colorado Medicaid

Customer Service Line (Toll Free)            800-221-3943

Contact Denver Health Medicaid Choice via Email:

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