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This Provider Directory has a list of all Denver Health Medicaid Choice (DHMC) Providers. Changes may be made to this directory at any time. This list gets updated daily. At any time, you may print a Provider Directory by clicking this link, or you can call Member Services at 303-602-2116 and ask for a printed Provider Directory. With DHMC, you may see any provider in the DHMC Network (some specialist providers require a referral first – see your Member Handbook for more information). In most cases, you must go to a Denver Health provider for your health care needs. To find out clinic hours or for general information about a Denver Health clinic, call the clinic directly. You can find a list of clinic phone numbers by clicking on “Locations” on the home page of the DHMC website. Use our online Provider Directory on this page to find a provider who will best meet your health needs. You can search by name, gender, language, medical specialty, or clinic location.

Your main doctor is your Primary Care Provider (PCP)